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We are proud to bring you speakers from our own backyard as well as throughout the country who are well known for their knowledge and dedication to the horticulture industry.

Qing Lana Luo 
Qing Lana Luo is a licensed Landscape Architect, and an Assistant Professor and State Extension Specialist of Landscape Architecture at Oklahoma State University. Before joining the academic position, she had been practicing landscape architectural design in leadership roles in international design firms for seventeen years in Boston, MA and Beijing, China. She has worked for prestigious international firms including EDSA, CRJA and Turen Scape, and had her practice. She has designed a wide range of outdoor environment, including urban parks, plazas, streetscapes, residential landscapes, and mixed-used developments. Her projects are located broadly in the world including the USA, South America, Middle East, Europe, and China. Qing’s work has been recognized with many international, national, and regional awards.
Qing currently teaches six core design classes at Oklahoma State University. She has been invited to give a wide range of talks, and to teach workshops relating to landscape design, sustainable landscape, cultural landscapes in regional programs, national conferences, and international universities. She has a deep understanding of landscapes, design, culture, and sustainability issues. She has traveled to many places in the world and used photography as her journal to record her experiences.

Ruth Inman
Ruth Inman is a marketing Jill-of-all-trades who thinks being called a “geek” is a compliment. As an assistant professor in agricultural communications and convergent media state extension specialist at Oklahoma State University, she gets to put her geeky skills to use daily teaching about digital media and integrated marketing communications.
 With three degrees from OSU (bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate) and more than a decade working for the university under her belt, it’s easy to believe Dr. Inman bleeds orange. Before joining the faculty, she led the marketing staff for the OSU Spears School of Business, managed marketing projects for the OSU Division of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources, and owned a web design, graphic design and marketing consulting business. She is passionate about helping students, businesses and organizations achieve their strategic goals with the help of integrated marketing communications tactics.
 Dr. Inman’s background in agriculture runs deep. She grew up on an Oklahoma centennial farm homesteaded by her great-grand-grandfather in the Cherokee Strip Land Run in 1893. She and her husband, Trent, have continued their agricultural involvement and live on a small farm near Mulhall, Oklahoma.
 Their sons, Fletcher and Dax, show livestock and are members of 4-H Cloverbuds. In addition to showing pigs, the Inman boys love Legos and have inherited “cool” traits like livestock savvy from their dad and “nerdy” traits like technology literacy from their mom.

Connie Scothorn
Connie Scothorn has been a licensed landscape architect for over 30 years and is the founding principal of the Landscape Architecture firm, CLS & Associates, LLC.  She strongly believes in the importance of beautification and enjoyment of our outdoor spaces.  She is also an avid gardener, working in her yard since she bought her first tiny home in the 70’s and continuing to date, growing trees, flowers and vegetables.  In her life, she has progressively become more concerned about the natural environment.  Her book, Oklahoma Plants, a Guide to designing landscapes to attract birds & butterflies, was developed as a result of her gardening experiences.  She hopes to promote the use of native plants in the ornamental landscape in an effort to support pollinators while beautifying our world.  

Brian Patric
Brian Patric is a licensed Landscape Architect in Oklahoma and co-author of the book Oklahoma Native Plants: A guide to designing landscape to attract birds & butterflies.  Brian has spent the last decade learning the tricks of the trade at CLS & Associates. His work includes designing parks, playgrounds, streetscapes, trails, and commercial and residential buildings.  The most important aspect of Brian's work is designing with native plant materials in an attractive way amidst the extreme Oklahoma climate. "It's simple, we need to start designing our landscapes to respond to a climate with less water" - Brian Patric

Ryan Ochsner
Experiencing that the physical environment in which a person lives has a direct impact on their well-being, Ryan was drawn to study Landscape Architecture at Oklahoma State University. After graduation, he worked at an environmental engineering company in Enid Oklahoma. Though not well suited for spending all day in the office, he enjoyed the technical aspects of land grading design and hydrologic studies. He further expanded his areas of experience through doing landscape design, landscape contracting, and land reclamation work. Since 2009 he has managed the City of Edmond’s urban forestry program. The department is responsible for the care of trees and landscapes in public places, administration of Edmond’s landscape code, and multiple outreach programs. Desiring to most effectively serve Oklahoma, Ryan obtained his Masters of Public Administration from the University of Central Oklahoma and continually seeks opportunities to contribute to public policy. Currently Ryan serves as Edmond’s Director of Community Image.         

Carl Whitcomb
Dr. Whitcomb's 40+ years of horticultural research has led to 32 patents and many innovative products.  He is the author of 5 books.  Besides continuing to develop new cultivars of other trees and shrubs, his research also addresses nursery production methods in containers, the field, and transplanting into the landscape regarding water chemistry, nutrition, improved root systems, weed control, cover crops, and water conservation. Dr. Whitcomb also does consulting and speaking on a variety of topics, as time allows.